Global Toy Drive

Through our CGF Board of Directors, Business Partners, Parents and Youth Ambassadors we have collected and donated over 100,000 new toys, provided 5,000+ pounds of apprel and first aid items to underserved communities in Latin America, the Caribbean, China and Africa. We thank the multitude of friends that have helped us meet our giving goals since we were founded in 2000. If this is your first visit to our site and are interested in helping us impact the lives of children, please email us at: info@casimiroglobalfoundation.org

21st Annual Global Toy Drive / 2023

The CGF 21st Annual Global Toy Drive concluded with toy distribution for orphan children at the Fundacion Red Misericordia in Santiago, Dom Rep.

21st Annual Global Toy Drive / 2023

21st Annual Global Toy Drive / 2023

20th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2022

Hijos de Morán 🇻🇪 
giving us a Special Thanks!

20th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2022

Celebrating 20 years of collecting toys is not an easy milestone, but this year’s Global Toy Drive proved to be another event worth hosting! We collected over $5,000 in toys, clothes, and monetary donations.

This of course would not take place without our partners and friends. That said, as usual, our number 1 and longest-lasting sponsors, Scott and Grace Shickler continued supporting our cause with their “Live To Give” mindset. Time and again, they set the example of giving with purpose.

This year we benefited underserved children in Colombia 🇨🇴 Honduras 🇭🇳 Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 Haiti 🇭🇹 Ecuador 🇪🇨 and locally in Miami USA 🇺🇸.

Although our Global Toy Drive runs from November 1st to January 3rd each year, we proudly keep collecting clothes and school supplies year-round. If you are interested in supporting our year-long effort, please reach us at info@casimiroglobalfoundation.org

20th Annual Global Toy Drive

Smiles and Fun In Motion

Benefitting underserved children of Fundación Sembrando Semillas de Amor in Manizales, Colombia.

Toys... Smiles... Impact!

Bringing smiles, joy and fun to kids around the world is one of the main focuses of our Annual Global Toy Drive.

19th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2021

For our Casimiro Global Foundation’s 19th Annual Global Toy Drive we were able to not only receive the support of local businesses, but we also supported the participating businesses partners by promoting and patronizing their retail stores. A real team effort between, parents, youth, schools and businesses makes for a real success story resulting in providing new toys to underserved children.

19th Annual Global Toy Drive

Bringing smiles, joy and fun to kids around the world is one of the main focuses of our Annual Global Toy Drive.

18th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2020

Since 2002 we’ve collected 100,000+ toys benefiting children around the world. This year’s Toy Drive, in partnership with The Neighborhood Cleaners, MaryBeth, Roco 4×4, and Books for You we are benefitting 1,000 underserved children through our We Empower Orgs, partners—Hijos de Moran (Venezuela).

17th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2019

The Casimiro Global Foundation’s 17th Annual Global Toy Drive benefits over 500 underserved children. Thanks to our donors, friends and “We Empower Orgs” partner, Hijos de Moran in El Tocuyo, Venezuela.

16th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2018

15th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2017

We’ve collected more than 40,000 toys benefitting undeserved children in more than 15 countries.

14th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2016

With some of the Friends of Casimiro Global Foundation always ready to run our Special Events, like the Annual Toy Drive.

13th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2015

In partnership with the US Embassy in Liberia and in Colombia, we benefitted over 600 children. Without our partners, like the US Embassy, many children would not have benefitted.

12th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2014

It’s a blessing to be a blessing to others; especially underserved girls in the Dominican Republic.

11th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2013

With lovely children in Venezuela. For more than 10 years Casimiro Global Foundation has partnered with the US Embassy in Venezuela to bring toys, smiles and joy to needy children in more than 10 provinces.

10th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2012

In partnership with the US Embassy in Colombia, we benefitted over 200 children.

9th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2011

Casimiro Foundation 9th Annual Toy Drive @ Hellmann Worldwide Logistics Dec 1, 2011

8th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2010

In partnership with Service for Peace and Inspire of the Domincan Republic we brenefitted over 500 children in rural communities.

7th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2009

One of our favorite sites to visit and donate toys to girls is the Doña Chucha Center for Girls in Dominican Republic.

6th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2008

Ponytails and beautiful smiles coming to you from Los Alcarrizos, Dominican Republic.

5th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2007

With Appalachian State University student volunteers and in partnership with Service for Peace-Dominican Republic.

4th Annual Global Toy Drive / 2006

With the Best Buddies Organization in Shanghai, China we were blessed to work with a few Chinese orphanages and hospitals.

3rd Annual Global Toy Drive / 2005

It’s always a joy to offer something special to little girls, like this one in Cameroon.

2nd Annual Global Toy Drive / 2004

Miami Dade Public Schools celebrates our Global Toy Drive. Many children, endless smiles.

1st Annual Global Toy Drive / 2003

Bringing a little hope to children at the Arturo Grullon Hospital (Children’s Cancer Unit), Dominican Republic.


Global Toy Drive