Casimiro Global Foundation




Loyola Elementary

Loyola is an open environment where students are challenged to free their spirits and creativity to become wholesome and productive members of society and others. Is a space that fosters and inspires growth for your child to realize that an education is more than just a learning experience.


Souls From the Earth Foundation

It is incredible how one small idea can grow into something extraordinary. Souls From The Earth is rooted in the belief that we all have an inherent responsibility to make a meaningful difference in our community.

SociaLab Foundation

SociaLab Foundation seeks to add value to college bound students that need a mentor that can provide guidance during their transition from high school to college. Students can apply to receive a mentor from corporations, higher education, and the small business community.


COHEF is an independent, and apolitical organization that fosters Education, Sports, Environmental and Recycling programs. Headquartered in Miami, COHEF has been running quality summer educational camps in various underserved communities in Haiti for the past 25 years.

Magic Wand Foundation

The Magic Wand Foundation (MWF) empowers youth and those who influence them with mindsets so that they can live extraordinary lives and positively impact the world.​MWF runs the annual Ultimate Life Summit for teens from over 30 countries and from diverse backgrounds. (for young people) is a non-profit association that helps children of Haiti. This association carries out projects for the beginning of the school year, the Christmas holidays, during natural disasters or in times of need. manages to accomplish its projects through the realization of different fundraising and also the help of different people who make donations. The mission is to put joy in the hearts of children, to satisfy them with the means possible while making a difference in their lives.

Hijos de Morán

Hijos de Morán (HDM) seeks to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans that reside in Moran, a community with extreme poverty. HDM serves five regional sectors called Development Hubs. HDM depends on local and national volunteers to run programs that meets the demands to offer sustainability.

Ismael Cala Foundation

The Ismael Cala Foundation (ICF) promotes emotional intelligence, leadership, and mindfulness programs for vulnerable Hispanic youth in the USA and Latin America. To meet its mission, ICF works with strategic partners including, United Nations, Junior Achievement, Tigo Foundation, and others.

Servicio para la Paz

Service for Peace (SLP), is a non-profit organization that runs sustainable development programs that transforms undeserved, low-income rural communities in Dominican Republic. As part of its mission, SFP partners with national and international volunteers coming from diverse universities.