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Invested in social impact projects led by youth.
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Scholarships provided to teenage girls to attend the Ella, Inc. Social Impact Workshop in Haiti, Honduras, Dominican Republic, and Mexico (2022).
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Net monetary value of scholarships invested for Ella, Inc. Social Impact Workshop and Ella, Inc. Camp.
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Underserved children have benefitted through CGF's Annual Global Toy Drive.
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Community service and mentorship hours contributed to local community organizations and mentees.
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Pounds of clothing, non-perishables and school supplies shipped to over 20 countries thourgh our foreign non-profit partners.


"Since the Ella, Inc. Camp, I have become such a better person with an open mindset. I gained independence, responsibility, friends, coaches, a new way to see life, and more. From the guest speakers to the field trips, and corporate meetings to campus life and having fun, I would not change a thing about the camp. It is just perfect the way it is. It was just another level, the two most amazing weeks of my life."

Natalia Diaz del Valle

Student - Honduras

"The Ella, Inc. Camp has been a life-changer and I am extremely grateful for having this opportunity. This is an experience that is engraved in my memories and I am so excited for all the others who will have the same opportunity."

Chloé Laplanche

Student - Haiti

"Thanks to the Ella, Inc. Camp I was able to live an experience that changed my life. I thank Casimiro Global Foundation for the work they do and the change they make in the lifes of all these girls."

Audrey Dejoie

Student - Haiti

According to UNESCO, more than 300 million children don’t receive a formal education. Girls make up 53% of the global population of children that are out of school. Thirty-nine percent of the worldwide poor have no formal education at all. On a global level, we continue seeing at-risk, vulnerable children being deprived of learning and creating success pathways that lead to sustainability.

Regardless of these global challenges, the Casimiro Global Foundation continues to provide programs and experiences that empower youth to proactively work at designing and creating their own success opportunities.

Juan Pablo Casimiro

Together we can go further,
reach further, and empower more lives.



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